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ZANA BRAZILIAN WAX brings you an innovative and exclusive technique that unites the best hair removal technologies of Brazilian Waxing.

The techniques were studied and improved by Rosana Reis, ensuring maximum comfort and safety in hair removal.

Zana Brazilian Waxing is ideal for all skin types, including tanned skin!

Our services are all you need to get rid of unwanted hair effectively, quickly, and without suffering. 

Candice Kelly

“This was my 1st time getting a Brazilian wax. Rosana was amazing! She explained everything to me and how it would feel. I am extremely happy with the results."

Erin Sneed

“I've been waxing for about 10 years and this has been my BEST wax experience HANDS DOWN. Rosana is amazing and she takes her time to get EVERYTHING. She even did more around the side and back of my leg, which I had never had someone offer. She goes above and beyond and it really shows. THANK YOU for the great experience. You've earned yourself a regular customer!”

Courtney Moore

" My first Brazilian was a breeze with Zana. She was so sweet and explained everything from start to finish. I will definitely be back, because she made me feel appreciated. 10 stars."
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